Extra Virgin Oil
Born from the glorious sun
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O Olive Oil

Born from the glorious sun, teased by the wild wind, yet never tamed. Standing tall from ancient times, always having loving arms, the golden miracle of life. Both gentle and wild, rounded and sweet, fruity and perfect. O for Oblica.

Where life shines with joyful laughter,
Grow your precious golden world.
Cherish gentle, caring people,
Show your brave and blissful soul.)
O like an Ode to Life.

Extra Virgin O olive oil is available in two variants; the refined copper label covers the monosorted Oblica oil, while the gold adorns the Premium blend with skillfully interwoven Oblica, Leccino and Lastovka.
The fragrant monosort oil O was obtained from Oblica, a Croatian indigenous olive variety. This elixir of nature harmonizes seemingly incompatible features; it’s bitter and sweet, fruity and tender, all in the same drop. It is mild and serene in nature, balanced and grassy, ​​inspired by the simple life under the Dalmatian sun. Its flavor is unique thanks to its early harvest and cold processing on the same day and the royal variety Oblica.

The premium blend conceals the drops of the three varieties (Oblica, Leccino, Lastovka) encountered in this perfect blend of fruitiness and spiciness. The taste is rounded and harmonious. Premium blend is a joyous blend of different but complementary features, just like our olive family.
Logo, a stylized letter O reminiscent of the perfect olive fruit, takes the lead on the labels, and on the back of elegant bottles that hold the precious extract of the Dalmatian sun, there are verses summarizing love, dedication to the Dalmatian terroir, hard-working hands, people, time and the joys of life.
Carefully selected every harvested fruit, proper processing and strictly controlled oil storage conditions guarantee the best quality. For this reason, extra virgin olive oil has been repeatedly awarded gold medals at various olive competitions throughout Croatia (Vodice, Omiš, Krasica, Zadar).

The Region

Čiovo is the largest island in the Trogir Archipelago, connected to the town of Trogir by a bridge, while at the same time on its southeast side, it is only 2 km away from the city below Marjan – Split. Slatine is a small Dalmatian fishing and tourist village on the northeast side of the island, where agriculture, fishing and tourism are the main industries. As for, the most common are various types of vegetables, olives, figs, almonds and vines.

In the olive groves from which the view overlooks Split, Marjan and the blue sea, the Škrobica family from Slatine from the island of Čiovo has been giving their love and time to olives for three generations.

” Our grandparents have planted most of the olive groves we have today, and in the last ten years we have breathed new life into the centuries-old olive groves. We are actively expanding plantations, introducing new varieties and creating blends of interesting features. ”

O oil is a high quality extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olive fruit by mechanical means. Cold-pressed, it preserves all the precious ingredients we can truly call the elixir of life. O as the form that dominates our olive groves and oils, O as the perfect closed-circuit form and O like an Ode to life.


Contact Us

  • Harvest and produced: OPG Škrobica
  • Sandra Škrobica (0976395930)
  • adresa Duboke vode 3, 21224 Slatine
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